Plumbing Issues In A Condo

November 8, 2022

Live in a condo? Need help with plumbing issues? For help with your fall maintenance or solutions to any plumbing problems, contact the experts at Bubby’s Plumbing today.

Plumbing Issues In A Condo

Depending on where the plumbing issue arises, fixing it may be the responsibility of the unit owner or the property manager. The plumbing pipes inside and around individual units are the responsibility of the resident or unit owner; the pipes positioned around public areas are the responsibility of the property owner or manager.

Then you may need to shut off the main water supply for several or a dozen units to fix a problem in your unit. This requires you to get permission from the property manager and issue a notice to the units that will be affected. Any additional maintenance work that requires water to be turned off in multiple units may inconvenience the residents, causing delays in approval from the property manager.

Common Issues Include

  1. Low water pressure is a common issue in condominium buildings due to clogged aerators.
  2. Clogged toilets are a common problem in every house, especially condominium buildings because of papers and other materials blocking your drain pipes.
  3. Clogged drain lines in the sink or bathroom are caused by materials that get stuck in the pipe, including the buildup of grease, hair, soap residue, bathing products, and other items.
  4. Sewage backup can be caused by clogs in the main sewer line and/or waste stacks, affecting more than one unit. An evaluation should be done to determine who’s responsible for fixing the issue.
  5. Dripping taps and pipework can cause a lot of water wastage and high water bills if not fixed.
  6. Frozen pipes are the most challenging and damaging plumbing issue in colder climates. Extremely low temperatures can make the water in your pipe expand and cause it to burst open. Depending on the severity of the problem, it can result in flooding and water damage in your unit.
  7. Corroded portable water pipes are inevitable. The combination of water pressure and the chemical composition of water can lead to corrosion, pits, cracks, leaks, and even blowouts, particularly at the seams and joints.

Prevent Plumbing Issues

It’s best to try and avoid plumbing problems whenever possible. What can you do?

  • Clean showerheads to maintain water pressure.
  • Inspect hot water tanks for rust.
  • Find and fix leaks in water appliances- Poor maintenance of dishwashers and washing machines is one of the main causes of leaks within condo.
  • Prevent frozen and burst water pipes-have the hot water drip slowly in the dead of winter to help generate enough heat within the plumbing system to prevent freezing. If the pipes freeze or burst, the property manager should be responsible for getting the problem fixed.

For help with your solutions to any plumbing problems, contact the experts at Bubby’s Plumbing today.