Bathroom Renovations Tips

July 12, 2022

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? It can be overwhelming, time-consuming and costly! Here are some tips to keep in mind and to think about.

Bathroom renovations tips

Thinks To Consider

  • Budget - how much do you plan to spend?
  • Time - how much is being changed -and how long will the shower/tub/sink/toilet not be in use?
  • Hidden problems can occur - The biggest hidden problem you may encounter is water damage, so look for structural deficiencies in the floor framing, not properly vented plumbing, old corroded plumbing, non-waterproof tile shower/tub surrounds.
  • Design style and functionality - Choose a design item you want to feature in the bathroom and then work the rest of the bathroom design around it. Design should work hand in hand with functionality so consider who will use the bathroom and how.
  • Work sequence - Start at the ceiling (including ventilation) then the walls followed by the flooring
  • Measurements - Keep in mind the overall size of the bathroom (usually the smallest room in the house), the location of existing plumbing pipes and electrical wiring and the typical standard dimensions of bathroom fixtures.
  • Contractor - Given the complexity of the job and difficult operations involved (electrical, tiling, plumbing, etc.), do not overlook the advantages of hiring a contractor and save yourself a load of misery and time.
  • Plumbing fixtures/ features/cabinets - Changing the shower, bathtub, toilet, sink or just the faucets and shower heads? Updating or repairing your mirrors and shower doors? Changing the hardware for your cabinets and shower doors may be enough or if you have the budget - a new set of shower doors can completely change the look of your room.

Some of the 2022 Trends in Bathroom

  • What’s “old” is New - the retro look.
  • Japandi - this bathroom design concept combines Scandinavian and Japanese architectural aesthetics to create calm, minimalist sanctuaries.
  • Organic Style - naturals materials-warm, earthy colours and plenty of plants.
  • Everything in its placeed benches, tufted chairs and vanity stools are the bathroom accessories of the year!
  • Everything in its place…think multipurpose storage.
  • Integrated Technology - getting a “techie” makeover from touchless faucets to smart toilets to wall interfaces to heated floors

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