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Summer Plumbing Maintenance

Tips For A Stress-Free Season

June 5, 2023

Keep your plumbing running smoothly this summer with these helpful maintenance tips from Bubby's Plumbing. Learn how to avoid common plumbing problems and enjoy a stress-free season.

Summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying the warm weather, but it's also when your plumbing can take a beating. Many common plumbing problems can arise during summer, from increased water usage to clogged drains. We've compiled a list of summer plumbing maintenance tips to help you avoid these issues and enjoy a stress-free season.

Check for leaks:

The summer heat can cause pipes to expand and contract, leading to leaks in your plumbing system. To prevent water damage and high-water bills, check your plumbing for leaks at the beginning of the summer season. Look for wet spots on your ceiling, walls, or floors, and listen for the sound of running water when your faucets are turned off.

Inspect your washing machine hoses:

Your washing machine will likely get a lot of use during the summer months, which can strain its hoses. Inspect your washing machine hoses for cracks or bulges and replace them if necessary. This will prevent leaks and water damage in your home.

Test your sump pump:

Summer storms can bring heavy rain and flooding, leading to basement flooding if your sump pump isn't working correctly. So first, test your sump pump at the beginning of the summer season to ensure it's in good working order. Then, contact a professional plumber for sump pump repair or replacement if you notice any issues.

Maintain your outdoor plumbing:

Your outdoor plumbing can be subject to damage from summer storms and increased usage. Inspect your outdoor faucets and hoses for leaks or damage, and replace any worn or damaged parts. Also, be sure to turn off your outdoor faucets when they're not in use to prevent leaks and conserve water.

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Following these summer plumbing maintenance tips, you can avoid common problems and enjoy a stress-free season. Check for leaks, inspect your washing machine hoses, clean your garbage disposal, test your sump pump, and maintain your outdoor plumbing. If you need help with plumbing maintenance or repairs, contact Bubby's Plumbing today. Visit bubbysplumbing.com/